Construction Process

Building a new home can be a very enjoyable experience when you and our company work closely together.
Your total cooperation and on-going communication are welcome and necessary.

Here is an outline of the selection procedure and inspection schedule that you can expect throughout the construction process.
These steps involve your thoughtful input and a limited time commitment from you.
When the following time frame is kept, you can expect to close on your new home on schedule.

1. After signing a construction contract, we will schedule a preconstruction and on-site meeting between you and I, in order to discuss any questions that you may have prior to construction and identify lot lines and the approximate location of your house on the lot.

2. Construction will begin when contract documents are signed. Construction time will vary from approximately 100-150 days, pending size and design of home, weather, etc.

3. We will review the entire list of specifications which need to be selected and the time frames associated with the entire selection process. This first selection meeting will concentrate primarily on exterior colors, brick and bath fixture selections. We will also discuss any extras or “special” items you have already selected as part of the construction contract which may require special selection attention.

4. Upon completion of the framing process, an on-site meeting will be scheduled between you and I, and the electrician to discuss the placement of all electrical outlets and fixtures.

5. Additional meetings with you will be scheduled to coordinate and finalize the remainder of selections.

6. After the drywall, trim and cabinetry have been installed, another walk-through will be scheduled when you will have a chance to confirm the progress that we have made and that appearances are as you expected.

7. Approximately 10 days prior to project completion, an extensive final inspection will be scheduled. At this time, we will fill out a punch list either accepting the material and workmanship, or noting any adjustments or repairs requiring attention before closing, pending our standards of performance.

8. Just prior to closing, a final walk-through will take place between you and I, and the sales representative to do a general inspection, checking any items which should have been corrected and answer any questions you may have regarding new homeownership.

9. We are ready to close on your home. You will receive a Certificate of Occupancy verifying that your home is move-in ready.

What makes Ronald G. Mann Building equipment investment so different than the rest.

One differentiator that you will find with Ronald G. Mann Building LLC is the investment that we have made in our equipment and tools-of-the-trade throughout the years. The equipment allows us to build your home without waiting to have access to third-party sourced equipment and to easily address complex building sites. From cranes to excavators, we have the equipment that we need on the spot, saving you time and money.